Melbourne’s Top 10 Dining Spots: Our Preferred Eating Venues

It recently dawned on us that our writings are bereft of adequate coverage concerning our present abode, Melbourne. Propelled by this revelation, we decided it’s time to shed light on our frequent hangouts and insightful local knowledge, thereby augmenting your Melbourne experience. In today’s discourse, we reveal some cherished culinary gems in Melbourne’s heartland. The list leans heavily towards Asian cuisine, a reflection of our palate’s predilection!

Hutong Dumpling Bar

This culinary haven hosts some of the finest dumplings Melbourne has to offer, based on our assessment (though we confess never having ventured to China!). Their pièce de résistance is the Xiao Long Bao, a delightful concoction of steamed pork dumplings replete with broth – an absolute gustatory delight. Their repertoire extends beyond dumplings, embracing an array of dim sum (their chili oil wontons are a personal favorite of mine). Their menu extends into a diverse array of stir-fried and hotpot dishes. If your tastebuds are tingling with anticipation, ensure to reserve your spot, as their popularity frequently results in full bookings (especially during weekends).

China Red Restaurant

China Red

China Red is another sanctuary for dumpling enthusiasts, nestled within one of the retail labyrinths branching off Chinatown in the Central Business District. It shares its parentage with Hutong, guaranteeing the same level of culinary excellence in their dumplings. It’s generally easier to secure a spot here, making it an excellent fallback when Hutong is fully booked. An intriguing feature is their ordering system. Eschewing the customary waiter, orders are placed via an interactive touchscreen affixed to the wall at each table. The promptness with which food and drinks are served is commendable, and their expansive, reasonably priced menu is certain to cater to a wide range of tastes.


First stop, the Hofbrauhaus. Ever dreamed of teleporting? Well, here’s your ticket to Munich – no passport required! This lively joint is smack dab in the heart of the city, serving up pints of joy and grub that’ll make you holler “delicious!” in German. (That’s “lecker,” by the way.) Imagine this: a riot of traditional dance, music that makes your toes tap, and a crowd so lively you’d think they’d won the lottery. One sip of their meter-long schnapps, and you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s a taste explosion with each shot, and hey, you can even play puppet master and mix up the flavors. Just don’t wait till the eleventh hour to make a booking. This joint is hotter than a firecracker!

G2 Korean BBQ 

Now, let’s hustle over to G2 Korean BBQ. Tucked away on Elizabeth Street, it’s like finding a secret treasure chest of mouthwatering Korean goodies. Our first rodeo with Korean BBQ, and boy, did it set the bar high. Juicy pork belly, succulent beef – it was a carnivore carnival! And the smoke? Pure charcoal, baby. No gas fumes here. Plus, the wait staff double as BBQ gurus. Newbies, you’re in safe hands!

Gyoza Douraku and Gyoza Gyoza 

Next up, Gyoza Douraku and Gyoza Gyoza. These sibs are the crowned kings of Japanese tapas, one ruling over Bourke St and the other reigning in Chinatown. If you’re a dumpling devotee, prepare to have your mind blown. These guys are like the Willy Wonkas of gyoza, with flavors as diverse as a crayon box. Throw in a side of friendly staff and a sake list as long as your arm, and you’ve got a winner.

Chiangmai Thai Cuisine

Chiangmai Thai Cuisine – it’s like a Thai holiday without the jet lag. Tucked away on Lygon St, it’s our go-to for a Thai flavor fiesta. From mild to “pet pet” (that’s code for “fire up the spice rocket”), they’ve got you covered. And guess what? They’ve got a Thai massage center upstairs. Dinner and a massage? Sign me up!

Red Pepper 

Ever had a hankering for some spicy curry in the middle of Melbourne’s bustling CBD? Red Pepper’s your jam! It’s not exactly a red carpet affair, but who needs glitz when you’ve got flavor in spades? From deliciously spiced curries to an assortment of vegetarian delights, there’s something for every palate. Not a veggie lover? You might change your tune after trying their Paneer Kadhai Masala – it’s like a party in your mouth!


Now, let’s talk Riva – our little secret breakfast nook tucked away in the Causeway. They’re the wizards of weekend brekkie, serving up dishes that’ll make you swoon without emptying your wallet. Got a thing for omelettes that are cheesier than a rom-com? They’ve got you covered. My buddy Ash swears by their eggs benedict – says it’s the bee’s knees. And if you’re around for lunch, their burgers are drool-worthy.


Ready to spice things up a bit? March on over to Fonda at the tip-top of Flinders Lane. It’s a fiesta of modern Mexican cuisine, where the tortillas are as fresh as the morning and the hot sauce could kick-start a rocket. Plus, they’ve got a drink menu that’s longer than a grocery list, featuring cocktail jugs and a tequila lineup that would make a mariachi band sing. Just a heads up, they only roll out the red carpet for large groups, so swing by early if you want to beat the dinner rush.

Pho at Vietnam Noodle House

Vietnam Noodle House 

Last but definitely not least, let’s pay homage to the humble Vietnam Noodle House. This joint’s our regular weekend haunt for a wallet-friendly feed. Their pho – oh boy! Imagine a bowl of warmth, comfort, and all things good, topped with a garden of fresh herbs and spices. Sure, it’s no swanky bistro, but who needs fancy when the food’s this good?

And now I’ve got to ask – what are your Melbourne foodie hot spots? And remember, let’s keep the chatter in English, alright? Bon appétit!

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