Where to eat in Boracay

Boracay Sunset with Palm Tree

The food in the Philippines tends to get a bad rap, so I wasn’t expecting too much from the restaurants in Boracay. However, I was pleasantly surprised! There’s a huge range of cuisine from all around the world, it’s decently quality, tasty and the prices are really reasonable. Here’s a few of the places that we ate at and my thoughts.

Shakey’s – Shakey’s is a pizza chain that has several stores throughout the Philippines. We dropped in here for a quick lunch and a beer on our very first day as it was right outside our hotel and we were still getting our bearings. We had some garlic parmesan fries as a starter, they didn’t taste like I expected and required quite a bit of sauce to be enjoyable. The pizzas were quite tasty though, both Ash and I enjoyed our selections, and the San Miguel Lights were wonderfully icy cold! Prices were also pretty reasonable, with personal size pizzas costing around $4-$7.

Icy cold beer at Shakeys Boracay
Icy cold beer at Shakey’s

Cyma Greek Taverna – I absolutely loved Cyma. It’s a tiny little restaurant tucked away in a back corner of D’Mall, and we really needed to hunt around to find it. The meals we had here were delicious, and everything was served with great joy and flair by the wait staff. There are regular cries of “Opa!” as they set a dish like their signature dessert flaming mangoes on fire, which was heaps of fun. We had some saganaki and dips with delicious flatbread for starters, gyros for mains, and I had the flaming mangoes for dessert while Ash opted for a molten chocolate cake. Even though Ash hates mangoes with a passion, he really enjoyed the taste he had of my dessert – that’s how good it was! For the quality of the food, the prices were amazing as well, around $7 per dish.

Flaming Mangoes at Cyma Boracay
My Flaming Mangoes lighting up the room at Cyma – OPA!

Bite Club Char-Grilled Burgers – An awesome place to go for a huge juicy burger, great hangover food! They are located in D’Mall, and it’s a bit like a build your own burger. Choose from an array of 7 patties, with a variety of weights from 1/3 pound (150g) to 1 pound (450g)! Amongst the range of patties there are also mozzarella stuffed, and chicken options. You receive one free topping with your burger (along with the standard lettuce, tomato and special Bite Club sauce), and you can continue adding as many extra toppings as you’d like for about 75 cents each. These were really good hearty burgers, and not bad pricewise ranging from $4-$10 per burger depending on the size of your patty.

Mesa – This restaurant is part of the Boracay Regency Resort, the sister resort to the Hennan Garden Resort that we stayed at. They’re located on White Beach at Station 2, and serve modern Filipino style food. The one reason we went here – I wanted to try lechon, crispy roast suckling pig done Filipino style! On the waiter’s advice we ordered 1/6 of a pig to share (around $25), and opted to have it served 2 ways. The roast meat was brought out whole and presented to us, and then taken to the kitchen to be chopped up and prepared. The waiter then brought it back to the table to assemble the first part of the dish, with pieces of the meat and crackling wrapped in pandan crepes with some fresh cucumber. These came with a selection of 3 dipping sauces, and they were delicious! Not long after, the second part of the dish arrived, which was pieces of the lechon stir-fried in chilli and garlic. This was also very tasty, although I preferred the pandan crepes as I prefer meat that is served off the bone. I was happy with my taste of Filipino food here, and even though this restaurant is more upscale, the prices were still very good by Australian standards!

Crispy Lechon at Mesa Boracay
Our crispy lechon, ready to be carved
Lechon Pandan Pancakes Mesa Boracay
Lechon Pandan pancakes
Lechon with Chilli and Garlic Mesa Boracay
Lechon in Chilli and Garlic


Tres Amigos – This is a small Mexican restaurant in D’Mall. They serve your standard type of Mexican fare like burritos and fajitas, and we stopped in here for a quick lunch one day before a snorkelling trip. I had a chicken fajita, which came out sizzling on a plate with all the accompaniments to make your own wraps, and it was really nice – lovely tender meat, delicious marinade. They also serve their meals with a selection of different salsas ranging in spiciness, all of them were really good. The service was really fast as well, which was a big thumbs up. Prices are around $5-$8 for a main.

Chicken Fajita at Tres Amigos Boracay
Chicken Fajita at Tres Amigos

Epic – For our last dinner in Boracay we opted to sit on the beach and watch the sunset at Epic. The food here is what I call standard pub-type fare, with a good range of options from burgers, steaks, pastas, etc. We opted for burgers which were good, reasonably tasty although nothing special. The service was a little on the slow side, but the location is awesome so we didn’t really mind! Prices were a little more expensive than other places we had eaten (we found that prices were generally a little bit higher on the beachfront restaurants), more on par with prices back home in Australia. Prices range from around $7 for burgers and the like, to about $30 for an Angus steak and right up to around $60 if you want to indulge in a lobster dinner!

Boracay Sunset
The gorgeous Boracay sunset from Epic

This is just a small sampling of the many restaurants on Boracay, there’s certainly a huge range of different cuisines and price points – something for everyone!

Have you been to Boracay? What was your favourite restaurant?

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  1. “I was pleasantly surprised! There’s a huge range of cuisine from all around the world, it’s decently quality, tasty and the prices are really reasonable.”

    Cool, glad you had a good experience Erin. I live in Boracay and love that there is so much choice for food. Especially once you learn your way around and find the better budget places you can really eat to your hearts content 😀

    Cheers! Paul

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