15 tips for the Everest Base Camp Trek from the TAAN

Everest Base Camp Sign

Ash and I happened upon the Melbourne Holiday & Travel Show on a walk around the city and decided to pop in and check it out. It turned out to be a happy coincidence, as amongst the many exhibitors was the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal! We had a great chat with a lovely Nepalese man at their stand, and he gave us some great tips that I wanted to share. Some of these I had already read in my hours of research, but some were also new to me! It was really nice of him to spend some of his time sharing his knowledge with us, and his passion and love for Nepal and the Himalayas was really clear – it really made us very excited for our trip in September.

15 tips for the Everest Base Camp Trek from a TAAN representative:

  • Fill up an aluminium water bottle with boiled water from teahouse at night and slip it into your sleeping bag to use as hot water bottle. By morning it will be cooled and can be used as some of your drinking water for the day.
  • Use walking poles for the trek, it takes around 5kg of weight off your knees.
  • Listen out for yaks, you’ll hear the bells they wear around their neck tinkling as they get near. Move to the higher side of the path to let them pass so they don’t knock you off the mountain!
  • Everything is available all the way up to base camp, it just gets more expensive the higher up you go! This is because everything on the mountain is carried up by sherpa or yak.
  • Don’t drink water from the mountain streams, no matter how clear it looks it’s still not clean enough to drink.
  • Try to trek as far as possible on the first day. The second day ascent into Namche Bazaar is a hard day of trekking so the shorter you can make it by going further on day 1, the better!
  • Order your meals (both dinner that night and breakfast for the next morning) as soon as you get to your teahouse for the night and nominate the times you want them. There is often only one stove cooking for 20 or so people, so if you don’t do this you could be waiting a while for your food!
  • It’s worthwhile to use a tripod to take pictures, especially for low light situations like sunrise at Kala Patthar and the monastery at Tengboche where no flash is allowed. Use the self timer function (if your camera has one) to ensure that you don’t shake the camera as you take the photo.
  • Try to start your hike as early as possible in the morning – it will be cold but it’s better than hiking in the middle of the day when it can get very hot.
  • Good sun protection is essential, sunglasses, hat, lip balm and lots of sunscreen.
  • Slow and steady is the way to go, no need to race up the mountain!
  • Pace your breathing with your steps, one step breathe in, next step breathe out.
  • If you’re feeling unwell with altitude sickness, stop hiking and rest for a day or two. The mountain isn’t going anywhere!
  • Wear two pairs of socks, a thick pair and a thin liner pair, this can help prevent blisters.
  • Vaseline is also great for preventing blisters that can be caused by your boots from rubbing.

Stay tuned for more from the Melbourne Holiday & Travel Show in a future post, we got so many great ideas for future travel plans including some places that were never even on my radar!

Do you have any trekking tips to share?

Photo credit: Creative Commons License
Everest Base Camp, Nepal. by Rick McCharles is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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  1. Definitely penciled a few of those for future reference.

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  4. Oh my god thats amazing advice!!! Thank you soooo much!! Feeling less anxious and excited about my trip now

    1. Glad you found it useful!

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